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Story of The Brain Dojo

The Brain Dojo is a home-based, small group remediation set-up to train upper primary students to master skills and knowledge requisite to confidently sit for PSLE English.

It is run by a Gifted Education trained teacher, experienced with a wide range of student profiles, in MOE schools and in private coaching sessions.

Each class has a maximum of 3 students.

Timely feedback by way of individual attention, so crucial for progress, is inversely proportional to class size. A one to one session while allowing for maximum individual attention forfeits altogether the real benefits

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The Brain Dojo

Primary 5&6 English

The Brain Dojo runs English classes for Primary 5 and 6 students. Students will be thoroughly familiarized with the requirements of Paper 1 (Continuous Writing), Paper 2 (Language Use) and Paper 4 (Oral Communication).

Continuous Writing

Students will be given ample opportunity to practise the 5 keys Approach which the tutor has formulated after careful reflection on the Paper 1 task requirements…

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Language Use

Students will be familiarised with the objectives and requirements of each component of Paper 2. They will be taught how to view each component through the lens of a…

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Oral Communication

Students will be encouraged in every lesson to verbalize their thinking and defend their views in a safe and encouraging space. Over time, they would become more…

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The Brain Dojo


“You have instilled in him the love and confidence for writing and we are thankful to you for that..he used to dread writing compo because he didn’t do well normally but lately we have seen that through your guidance, he has somehow found his own style and ‘voice’ which he’s proud of..hence giving him a newfound confidence in himself…thank you”

– Parent of J Goh

“He respects you and listens to what you say, often reflecting on it at home. D and I are reassured that you are his teacher because we trust your intuitive connection with B and indeed the whole class. Kids can sense when they are being treated respectfully and it is because you treat the kids so well that they are so close to you.”

– Parent of B

The Brain Dojo

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