Just got the result. A* for English. Thks for guiding him and Jo all these years. It’s a blessing.

Parent of J Tan

4As. I’m glad she scored well. Thank you very much for your effort on her. Let’s work hard together to help her on her future path..really appreciate

Parent of C Neo

You have instilled in him the love and confidence for writing and we are thankful to you for that..he used to dread writing compo because he didn’t do well normally but lately we have seen that through your guidance, he has somehow found his own style and ‘voice’ which he’s proud of..hence giving him a newfound confidence in himself…thank you

Parent of J Goh

He respects you and listens to what you say, often reflecting on it at home. D and I are reassured that you are his teacher because we trust your intuitive connection with B and indeed the whole class. Kids can sense when they are being treated respectfully and it is because you treat the kids so well that they are so close to you.

Parent of B

Isaac scored distinction for his English. You must know as u r the one who helped him achieved this!!

Parent of Isaac

Thank you very much, D loves your class. You inspired her passion for learning. You make her really feel the appeal of the English Language.  In the CA1 exam just passed, the school used Paper 2 with a perfect score of 95, and she scored 82 points. She has made clear progress.

Parent of D Liu

Thank you for going the extra mile for me.


Your lessons are fun and interesting! You are a caring teacher!

Xuan Ting