The Brain Dojo

The Brain Dojo is a home-based, small group remediation set-up to train upper primary students to master skills and knowledge requisite to confidently sit for PSLE English. It is run by a Gifted Education trained teacher experienced with a wide range of student profiles, in MOE schools and in private coaching sessions. Each class has a maximum of 3 students.

As is self-evident, timely feedback by way of individual attention, so crucial for progress, is inversely proportional to class size. A one to one session while allowing for maximum individual attention forfeits altogether the real benefits of social interaction and peer learning. Capping class sizes at three for a home based set up is a regulatory stipulation and one which must have been put in place through feedback from educators. This is so because, happily, a class size of 3 allows for high levels of individual attention while also allowing for the benefits of peer-learning to accrue – the best of both worlds.