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The Brain Dojo

The Brain Dojo Methodology

  • Heavy emphasis on basics
  • Deconstruction
  • Diagnosis and effective feedback based on sound pedagogical principles

Paper 1 (Continuous Writing)

  • Approach which stimulates critical thinking
  • Not plot focused
  • No need to memorise good phrases
  • Detailed feedback at every stage

Paper 2 (Language Use)

  • Deconstruction of the various sections
  • Effective decoding
  • Understand relevance of decoding
  • View questions through eyes of question setter

Paper 4 (Oral Communication)

  • Increase schema
  • Ample opportunity to verbalise and defend views
  • Imbue confidence to persuade and negotiate

The Brain Dojo

What Parents Say

“…scored distinction for his English.”

“…instilled in him the love and confidence for writing!”

“…we trust your intuitive connection with B and indeed the whole class.”

“…found his own style and ‘voice’.”

“4As. I’m glad she scored well!”

The Brain Dojo

About The Tutor

Fees and Class Schedule

Fee Structure: $240 for 4 lessons (one 1.5-hour lesson a week)

The Brain Dojo

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